Sunday, 20 April 2014

Trouble with Rubble (5) Done and Dusted

Just about done now. Once the base coat had dried overnight I needed to get them fisished. I'm using cheap craft paint as you sometimes need lots. A quick heavy drybrush with a different shade of grey, in this case Anita's Dove Grey which carries a hint of sand in there, then some fawn\ brown, and lastly a shot of white to pick up edges. I also went around the edges of a couple where the original base coat had missed.

Theyre just about done now. I'll wait for a couple of hours to see if there is anything else to do, but given the original brief and budget I feel pretty pleased with them.

I appreciate I said the budget was £0, but I overran that as I spent £1.99 on some more glue sticks for the hot glue gun. The rest was out of the "big pile of stuff" saved in the loft for just such an occasion. I suppose if I were starting from scratch this would have used less than a tenners worth of "stuff", so I'm pretty happy with the costings.

I've used a similar method to build 15mm ruins for games like Crossfire & PBI. It works well, but you need to remember to leave areas clear inside the bases to allow your figures in, and not to bother with the plastic grill.   As these are primary for DZC this isn't an issue as rubble is impassible to vehicles and infantry. Another thing to remember is most walls in real life tend to be only a brick wide, so anything over 3mm is probably to much for a 10/15mm model.

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