Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Wargamers Selfie

Don't panic, its my painting table.

I took this, then realised just how crap it looked so I had a quick tidy up

Which looks a bit better.

Making it on to the painting table is a major step towards the nirvana of a figure or model actually seeing use. That being said it is still possible to be pushed aside, but if you reach the table, you have a shot. Think of it as getting past the auditions phase of Britains Got Talent.

Disclaimer, I don't actually watch ANY talent shows on TV, but I am aware they exist and am thankful for them because they and Emmerdale allow me to move to the "man cave" without guilt of leaving my Beloved Mrs R behind to do toy soldier stuff, which is Good.

So as you can see, I have done bits on Seven Samurai (for Ronin -but enthusiasm is limited so progress stalled) some 15mm Afghan insurgents on motorbikes (Old Glory - fab little miniatures that I am hoping to get painted just for the fun of it) Nellie the Elephant - an Indian Elephant & crew for Impetus bought on Ebay and in need of some TLC. I have an Indian army for Impetus waiting far down the paint queue, but Nellie has been promoted to the table because she can also appear in my Persian and Skythian armies as an ally. Then there is my 7TV Chinaman , Torturer \ Sinister Doctor, and lastly a dead guy in lab coat but is originally a Dixon Miniatures Wild West Bank Robber.

I'm also very proud of my Man Cave (err Loft). Or at least I sort of am. When we saw the house my mind was made up because the loft is big enough for an 6x12 table and all my painting and modelling bits, already boarded out and with a proper staircase. Best of all a largish Velux window allows direct sunlight onto the area of the painting table during the afternoons - Nirvana. The table is installed and can  be set up in a number of different layouts depending on requirements. There is also a TV, and until recently a fridge, but that got donated to my Nephew when he went to Uni.

Problem is of course, me. As an untidy packrat cum hoarder I rapidly filled the room with wargaming junk, including the table, so that you can hardly move around up there without knocking a box over. One of my long term aims is to return the room to a fairly tidy state so I can use the table again. If I ever achieve that, I'll post a picture, but don't hold your breath


  1. The elephant caught my eye, an Impetus Army near you soon?

  2. Yes! but probably not "soon" or elephant - Thracian is the next major project