Friday, 4 April 2014

Turning Japanese Part 7 Last leg

Spike has realised he loves Buffy, but Buffy still thinks she likes Riley, but Riley is secretly feeling he is losing her.......

I finished the 10 Type 89 Medium Tanks and 5 Type 95 Light tanks, all Battlefront, plus a trio of Type 97 Te-Ke Tankettes from PeterPig. I'm conflicted by the PeterPig models, they are a pain to put together because they have no solid hull to attach the tracks to, and the detail is sometimes a bit soft, but they do look nice when completed - as you can see here with "The Sasebo Special"

The Type 95 Ha-Go are Battlefront and apart from my earlier whine about sticking them together they are a great little model that paints up well

Lastly the Type 89s - again Battlefront, here seen with the 95s as a group shot

This was after they all received their national markings - a rising sun decal "pinched" from a set of Naval Ensigns by I-94 Decals sold here in the UK by Minibits\Pendraken Leon). Leon carries a wide range of decals that come in very useful, even if as in this case, they get re-tasked :-)

So that's it - 25 Buffys later and the Japanese are done

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