Saturday, 12 April 2014

and yet more - UCM Katana tank

The Katana is a sort of poor man's MBT, exchanging the usual heavy main gun for a pair of lighter, fast firing cannons, less armour and more speed. It is a useful addition to the UCM and gives an interesting option to the heavier MBTs.

The model is a simple 2 parts, cast in the usual off white lightweight resin, nicely detailed and RRP £11 for three.

Here is a size comparison between the Katana, Tormentor, and a "modern" T72

Quick digression. The T72 is a Trumpeter display model, and is both detailed and reasonably priced if you buy them in bulk from the Far East. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of starting WW2 or Moderns \ Arab \ Israeli in 10/12mm to do some research as they also do a T54\55 and others and they work out cheaper than buying an inferior model from a traditional wargames manufacturer. Sadly the range is limited, so there is still plenty of scope for the more usual producers. I hope there will be a resurge in moderns using 12mm \ 1:144, hopefully to take advantage of 3D printing to master models that are detailed and accurate, as well as affordable.  


  1. The T72 looks dangerously appealing to me ... watch this space

  2. Doesn't it just. Even more so when the price for buying 40 in bulk is £1.50 each including p&p from the Far East. Sadly the range is very limited - T54s, T55s, Merkava, T72 M1 and Type 90. You can also get Dragon Armour to fill some gaps - their Challenger is particularly tasty. Next time you are in town let me know and I will bring some examples