Saturday, 19 April 2014

Trouble with Rubble (1)

So my various escapades in DZC continue. One of the problems I am running into is what in the DZC community we tend to call things like  “Active Urban Regeneration”, ie demolishing a building while it is full of the opposition.  There are a number of very good reasons to do this. Infantry in buildings are very hard to shift, usually invisible to direct fire, and buildings can be costly and time consuming to assault with other infantry – all a bit like real life really. The solution in DZC has also been tried on occasion, just blowing the whole place up. This also has the added attraction of being a lot of fun :-)

There is a problem however. Although there are some very nice buildings available for DZC, both resin and card from Hawk themselves, and a growing supply of third party models using laser cut mdf, there are not too many options when it comes to the after effect of a building being literally blown to rubble.
I asked a couple of guys who are rather talented with the laser to design some. And they came back with ruins. Nice ruins, but more English Heritage rather than 9-11. What I wanted was rubble – not ruins.

Anyway I decided the best solution was to get of my arse and have a go myself, however lacking a laser and the skills to use one, I decided to go “Old School” (or should that be “Playschool”?) and use card and PVA.

Although these are designed with DZC in mind, I think they work for most scales from 15mm and smaller

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