Wednesday, 16 April 2014

IKEA Dropship in action

Just a quick update. I ran a Dropzone Commander demo game at Middlesbrough Games Club last night, and the newly completed Despoiler Heavy Dropship made its first bow. As I was organising the demo I didn't get to play with it, however I think this is a "cunning plan" as we all know the first time a new unit gets used it performs pants! Sadly this was not the case and it did its job of delivering nine grav tanks into the fight very well. I got a quick pic of the thing fully loaded - please note its an on table in game shot so not as neat as a posed one, but I think it shows the vertical CD rack (of Doom) effect reasonably well

It was my first time at the Middlesbrough club and I was rather impressed with the facilities - tea & coffee etc, and they were all rather welcoming, so I may well give them a try again. Middlesbrough Games Club Website

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