Friday, 4 April 2014

Turning Japanese Part 6 - Trucks and how Buffy helps

The well laid plans of Mice & Ken..................

I had intended to do lots of pics to show the various stages these models were going through, accompanied by pithy comments, but as usual I managed not to.

However, I am pleased to say they are now complete and have been boxed up and shipped Stateside, where I hope their new owner will enjoy them. I should say I actually enjoyed painting them, and I think in the end they looked fine, and while I am taking a little break from painting 15mm WW2 I'm certain I will be delving into my own collection of unfinished WW2 15mm inspired by them.

Before they hit the road I dis take a couple of pics however - sadly not the best but the lighting here, particularly the daylight, is pretty grim. Anyway, first up - the Trucks

These are Battlefront Isuzu 3 Tonners, and like most of their trucks they are one piece resin castings. This makes them a bit of a pain as you have to paint the block of resin they stand on, but as you can see, they turned out ok. Another minor issue is that the Isuzu has a canvas cover and open cab sides, ie no windows on the side. I toyed with trying to paint silhouettes inside then decided to go for a dark grey to suggest shadows. The models themselves were nice and flash free, but a couple of them suffered from miscasts along the line of the cab front. I don't think they are particularly noticeable at a glance but they did annoy me. I tend to like BFs resin trucks - life is too short to mess around with stuff that will usually be left at the back or as eye candy. If you doubt me, put a couple of Zvezda ZIS trucks together :-)

When I paint I need something on in the background to keep my mind ticking over. This has to be something verbal rather than visual as I don't want to keep looking up from the job at hand. My current background is Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which has a nice line in sparkling dialogue amongst other things. I measure painting sessions in Buffys, so a one episode session is one Buffy etc. The whole Japanese thing has taken me through Series 4 and midway through Series 5, so probably 25 Buffys, including a few wasted on other side projects.

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